From Sweden with Love

Back from an intense 3 day trip to Moscow.
Got the very nice mission from the Swedish Institute to go to Moscow and lead a public workshop about remake and upcycling. They wanted something where the participants would collaborate to make something bigger over a 30-hours period to be a part of an exhibition on Swedish and Russian handmade fashion.
My idea was to work with fashion accessories, made from upcycled material. Each day the participants got to make a bracelet for themselves and they also took part in the making of the big braclets for the trees, called embracelets.
I thought the craft skills would be higher than average in Sweden, so I prepared somethings that I thought would be a bit new and challenging. I was also expecting to have some language problems, and as you know I like to comunicate in pictures, so I brought pictures and all the 4 embraclets were already started, so they could only continue the work. I was right about both the level of the craft skill, and the language challenges. But very interestingly I didnt see the language issue as a problem, because the language of craft is international. We managed to understand each other anyway.
I had the most fantastic audience. Lots of nice people of all ages. Quite a few stayed all day, both days. The two day workshop was finished with a teaparty, where we were sitting on the embracelets leaning to the trees.
IMG_8824The two different techniques for making the bracelets,
origami made from leftovers from a printhouse and square pleating made from old t-shirts.
IMG_9140The workshop in front of the museum.
IMG_8850Curious and chic in high heel the police women are inspecting the work.


IMG_9100The beginning of day 2. Above the 4 different teqniques that we used,
crochet (basket stitch), tunisian crohet, chevron pattern crochet and purl knit.



IMG_8893IMG_8870IMG_8890IMG_8852Working, working, working.


IMG_9176IMG_9170Putting it all together.




Finally we got to sit on our embracelets and enjoy a Russian teatime. The ambitions were high, but we managed to make 2 different embracelets. So from Sweden, with love, I brought a lot of textiles that had been thrown away.
We managed to make something out of it, together.
Next time the workshop might take place close to you.
Later that evening we discovered that all of the patterns we had been doing were also on the magnificent
towers of the Vasilij church.
Thank you Moscow and all you lovely Moscovites that keept me company!!
/Love Fia





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